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    The Industry Council will be holding a meeting at the AOTMP 2019 Conference. Its agenda is available only for Industry Council members. If you are not currently a member, you should join today to influence through thought leadership and exploring opportunities that advance the industry.

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It’s up to you to shape the future of telecom / mobility / IT management

We are a group of global telecom management industry thought leaders dedicated to exploring opportunities to advance the industry.

The Council explores the “new” telecom management industry, which goes far beyond telecom expense management and mobility management and includes many untapped opportunities. Telecom management includes all network services, carrier services, mobility and IoT solutions, cloud solutions, software, hardware, and emerging technologies that impact telecom environment performance.

The industry consists of three main components – the vendors, the user telecom environment and the business served by the telecom environment. These groups make up the Telecom Management Ecosystem.

Vendors influence efficiency, performance, productivity and the costs of operating the telecom environment, while the environment itself can strategically impact business results, attracting positive executive attention and support.

  • Opportunities—be the first to learn about new opportunities for enterprises, for telecom environments and for vendors who serve those environments; and be a part of creating those opportunities
  • Regulatory & Compliance—learn what is happening in Washington and around the world and how it impacts your organization; and be a part of influencing that activity
  • Networking and Relationships—network with other vendor and enterprise members throughout the year and create relationships that can accelerate performance in your environment that can last a lifetime.
  • Industry Insights—use industry insight compiled by the Council to advance your organization, the Council and the telecom management industry
  • Thought Leadership—position yourself and be part of a group of industry thought leaders who are advancing the telecom management industry
  • The membership cost includes full participation for enterprise and vendor Council members in the fall AOTMP Industry Council event (a $2,495 value) and the spring AOTMP 2019 Industry Council meeting April 10-11, both in Orlando.
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